Lyra is one of Sam's characters from her story, Crimson Twilight.


She was born and raised in Seattle. Her mother was the daughter of the fairy queen, Careena.

Early LifeEdit

Lyra was raised by her mother, when the Volturi came to judge Renesmee, she came to the Cullens defense. Even though her mother urged her not to go, she went to Volterra, to see vampires up close, this almost got her killed, she was later allowed into the coven as a full time member.


Her mother was a fairy, as was her father. Her husbund is a vampire, and her niece Ella is part Pixie.

Physical appearenceEdit

Lyra is described as short, with blond hair that is cut in short layers. Her fairy wings are retrackable, She has a pale complection, and bright green eyes.

Lyra when she was 14.

When she was young, she had long blonde hair with light freckles and the same pale colplextion.


"He's a big believer in finishing what he starts"



  • the name Lyra means muse, music, and harp.